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Our Mission

Our Mission is it to get rid of waste and to build up a delicious world. LEWELUP® is an ecological brand, designed for synergy between you and nature. Helping us grow, cleanse our bodies, and unfollow bullshit. The taste and effects of all our creations will support and boost you, driven by natural forces.

We love to create and adore the planet we share. Thus, everything we provide is delivered in 100% compostable packaging, 100% free of micro plastic and 100% conscious consumption. As pioneers in the field of compostable packaging we are passionate about eco-friendly health and lifestyle products.

We aim to radically eliminate any source of waste in your body as well as on planet earth. Providing you and the upcoming generations with the purest consumption we can get. LEWELUP® stands for a delicious world. It strongly and transparently stands for the crystal-clear intention of lifting you and the world we are living in to a higher resonance. Driven by a creative mind, and the purest, and cleanest lifestyle consumption products. Free from harmful particles and full of vivid creative energy. Remembering: A creative mind is nurtured by vivid energy.

Our products are sourced from decentralized cultivation and processing, far away from disastrous industrial structures, as we rely on local farming with family structures that are consistently important to the preservation of nature and coherent to our Mission. Our treasures are traded directly in harmony with nature, on-site. Our packaging is comprised of organic material derived from natural, plant-based agricultural residues, such as corn husks or rice meal. These are certified compostable and can legally be disposed of in the home compost or garden, much to the delight of earthworms! Means that all our treasures are unreservedly plant-based, produced with exclusion of non-vegan particles, and non-vegan manufacturing methods of any kind! In addition, everyone who buys here can be certain that all our products are 100% GMO-free and chemical-free.

Wir lieben es kreativ zu sein und wir lieben unseren Planeten, deshalb ist alles, was wir produzieren 100% zertifiziert kompostierbar verpackt, 100% frei von Mikroplastik und 100% wohl-tuend.

Nature is the most precious thing humans can serve to protect. Let us start making Nature great within and around us. Let us get rid of bullshit. That is our Mission.

Bio CBD Oil

Physical well-being only works in harmony with nature. Here you get the full spectral effect of a CBD oil, which goes new, responsible and courageous ways from production to quality assurance to the type of packaging.

Wild Coffee

Mental wellbeing arises in harmony with the food we consume. Here you get the purest coffee enjoyment, which goes from the cultivation to the roasting to the way of packing in creative, environmentally friendly and nature-charged ways.


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Everything we deliver comes from decentralized cultivation and processing far away from disastrous industrial structures, as we rely on local family-style farming, with people who consistently care about the preservation of our nature. Our treasures are traded directly and unbureaucratically, in harmony with the environment.

100% Compostable ensures that each of our packaging is made from natural, organic material. Produced from purely vegetable agricultural residues, such as Corn husks or rice meal. Certified garden compostable and legal to use in house compost, much to the delight of earthworms.

Means that all of our treasures are unreservedly plant-based, excluding any non-vegan particles and any non-vegan production methods. In addition, everyone who buys here can be sure that all of our products are 100% GMO-free and chemical-free.

Nature is the most precious thing we humans have. To leave something that nature gives us as we find it, without adding chemicals or genetic engineering, is our top priority. Whether during cultivation, further processing or shipping, nothing unnatural comes into the bag here.

About LeWelUp®

LeWelUp® is an eco-brand, conceived and made as a synergy between you and nature. Created to strengthen our abilities and to help with natural growth. The tastes and effects of all those things that we produce in cooperation with nature for conscious consumers are more than just consumption. They are a sign of the change in our society.