About Us

Lewel Up is an Eco Brand, built by human beeings who intent to unfollow bullshit. We love to create and we adore the planet we share. So, all we provide is made to be 100% compostable, 100% micro plastic free and a natural nutrition, which is 100% perceptible. We are based in the beautiful city of Berlin. Pioneers in the field of compostable packaging. Passionate about eco-friendly health and lifestyle products. Our core aim is to radically eliminate any source of waste in your body and on planet earth to provide you and further generations the purest consumption we can get. Lewel Up is made for a delicious world. It stands for the crystal clear intention and actions to lift you and the world we are living in higher. We act to support you as a master piece of society with the purest luxury lifestyle food, directly traded, free from harming particals and pleity of good, vivid energy.

Our History

The Vivoo Nature GmbH is a Berlin based company. Made to create a sustainable, circular way of an eco-logical economy. Founded in the beautiful, colourful autumn, the 21st of October 2019, by Oliver Bernd Michael Mayer and Michael Marco Cardinale. Joined by Tina Mayer-Lockhoff and Thomas Franz Urban in 2020, as main sources of inspiration and drive. The company`s base to evolve this conscious business is driven by the higher aim to get rid of waste and to provide our prescious uplifting gifts within 100% compostable packages, we came up with. This first approach and goal of our mission was historically fullfilled by using agricultural waste. We took and take it circulary out of the agricultural process, without effecting on primar food production. More than this we use 100% plant based colour and do not add any unnatural chemicals. Not in the past, not now, or in the future. This higher goal drove us though the young but intese history of our company and the rising up of our Brand Lewel Up, established and maintained… to create and keep… our city… Berlin, our bodies… and the planet… we´re dropped in… lively!

Our Achievements

The greatest Achievement of any given should and must be and economy driven by a waste free cirular apprach of beeing creative. That’s why we came up with organic, waste free products as well as packages, made for beeing part of a circular system of packaging, providing and consuming gods and gifts from nature. We act to let nature live, we work to be part of a green, healthy planet and we make products to be consumed without harming your body, but to lift it up. So, we are extremely proud to build the first pieces of this green future economy togehter with you. A future where packages, products and Utilities which will not harm mother earth any more, but be rebrought to, without the trashy logic of the old way of making money. No bullshit added. All we provide to you is built by nature and our creativity to lift your mind up, to bring pleasure and a good feeling into your cells. The strong spine of our company`s Achievements is the worlds highest standard for compostable packages, and eatable Utilities, for which our Brand Lewel Up stands for. 

Our Vision

Our Vision is a plastic free world, a world without harmful waste, build through a circular logic of taking from nature what we can give naturally back. Our goal is a tastefull and complex, not complicated world. Our Mission is it to get away from Coca Cola, Burger King and McDonalds, companies and pseudo-leaders who wasted our planet for decades and now try to play a role wihtin a green theater. We want to help waking up, enjoy good, honest healthy food and to support you with products, which support your body, mind and soul consequently. We want to make you life as long as you want. We truely act to provide healthy, vivid and naturally grown powerful particals, we can really call food. Luxury products who support you with joy, naturals highs, incredible energy and human creativity to boost us on another Level. A Level which intelligently interacts with nature. Lewel Up is made for that, made for a delicious world.